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Bushfield Care Centre
Bushfield Care Centre,
Bushfield, Oranmore,
Co Galway.
Tel: 091 792301
Fax: 091 792208

Welcome to Bushfield Care Centre

Bushfield Care Centre is a friendly, comfortable residence for individuals who require dedicated care delivered with patience, kindness and understanding.

We aim to provide a high standard of care in a homely relaxed atmosphere. The Aims and Objectives of the nursing home are to provide a professional standard of care and the service within a safe, homely and warm environment.

It is Bushfield Care Centre's purpose to promote the physical, mental and emotional well being of each individual in our care.

Quality of Living is always our highest priority. We believe that freedom of choice, privacy and respect are basic human rights, which age, infirmity and disability do not devalue.

Mission Statement and Objectives

The right of a resident to be left alone and undisturbed whenever they wish.

The understanding of residents needs and treating them with respect.

Allowing a resident to take calculated risks, to make their own decisions and think or act for themselves.

Giving a resident the opportunity to select for themselves from a range of alternative options.

Keeping all basic human rights available to the resident.

Enabling the resident to realise their own aims and helping them to achieve goals in all aspects of daily living.

Day Care

Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm to facilitate families with work arrangements.

It is our aim to stimulate the body and mind with a variety of programmes and activities ie. Music, Dance, Arts and Crafts, Board Games, etc.

All meals will be provided with a variety of choice while personal hygiene, hairdressing and chiropody will be catered for as required.

Residents may be picked up from their own homes or at designated points by our wheelchair accessible bus.

Alzheimers/Dementia Care

Our specially designed unit features a homelike and domestic environment. Our whole purpose is to banish a feeling of institutional care by use of subtle colours and homely furniture.

Our specially trained staff will ensure that the person with dementia makes the best use of their skills and abilities at each stage of their illness.


Our aim is to help the resident be more independant and mobile and where possible return home.
Our nursing team, physiotherapist and doctor work together to ensure our residents get 100% care.

Long Term care

  • Dedicated and highly trained staff
  • Home away from home setting
  • Independence of the resident will always be forefront to enable them fulfil their potential in a holistic fashion
  • Assistive technology including special lifting devices.

    Short Term Care

  • Respite/ intermittent care can be of great benefit both to the resident and to their carer and often enable the family to retain their loved one at home as long as possible.
  • Respite care is offered on a flexible basis for one or two weeks to allow families to go on holidays or even just for a weekend or midweek break.
  • Also Convalescent Care for those who have been in an acute hospital and required further care before returning home.

    Privacy, Comfort and Personal Space

    Whilst encouraging residents to become part of a family unit much emphasis will be placed on the specific needs of the individual. Independence, dignity and self-respect are key considerations to optimise the quality of life, with freedom of choice and flexibilty foremost in our aims to enhance the latter years.
    Individual wishes should be recognised and not pushed aside because they do not fit in with the pattern of group living. Flexibility is necessary in order to meet the needs of a group of individuals living under one roof.


    To provide a safe secure environment a full fire alarm and emergency lighting system is intalled together with required fire doors and exit signs. An inter-com answer call system is in operation in all bedrooms, bathrooms and toilets. This links to the main panel situated in the lounge where there is 24-hour staff coverage. Specific attention will be given to the quality of care provided in such areas as bathing, dressing and feeding.
    We aim to operate a professionally managesd business with an ongoing training programme for all the staff. This will ensure the security of all concerned.


    We create a homely environment in our dining hall, catering for our residents individual nutritional needs with a balanced diet, freshly prepared daily by our kitchen staff.
    We aim to provide:

  • Social
  • Quality & Nutrition
  • Health & Diet

  • Social Interaction/Well Being

    We are constantly finding ways to help residents to take control of their situation or make their circumstances a little more tenable. With this in mind we have started Bingo twice a week.
    We propose taking the residents to different places around Galway, such as lunch by the sea and walks.

    Other facilities include access to:

  • MASS

    How to Find Us

    Bushfield Care Centre
    Bushfield, Oranmore
    Co Galway
    Tel: 091 792301
    Fax: 091 792208

    This web site is owned and operated by Retirement Care Services Ltd

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